Hay Pét Nat Areni Rose sparkling wine 750ml





This wine has a pink color, a fresh aroma of field flowers, rich raspberry and strawberry flavor, an exquisite taste of berries with light acidity and a long-lasting raspberry aftertaste. The wine is produced from autochthonous variety “Areni” cultivated in a special area of protected geographical indication in Vayots Dzor region and is produced with “Pét Nat” (Pétillant Natural) method (at the first stage the fermentation process takes place in barrels or tanks, and afterwards the wine fermentation is finished in the bottles).

Storage conditions: in ventilated rooms, without third-party odors and direct sunlight at 10-16°C and maximum relative humidity of the 85%.

Shelf life: not limited if storage conditions are met.

Serve at 6-8°C.