Delivery in Yerevan starting from 2 bottles is free, 1 bottle delivery cost is 500 AMD.
After receiving the order, we’ll deliver an order in the Yerevan within 24 hours.
In the regions of Armenia, the delivery cost is 1000 AMD for orders from 1 to 6 bottles, in case
of ordering 7 or more bottles, the delivery amount can be clarified by the following phone
numbers: 37493100365 37498002365
In the regions of Armenia, delivery is carried out within 72 hours after receiving the order: the
place of receipt of the order is the nearest newsstand.
Payment is made through payment systems (Master, Visa, Arca, Idram……) and also cash.

Rights of the buyer.

The buyer’s request to return or replace the product is satisfied if the product has not been
used, its consumer properties have been saved, and there is an invoice or receipt for the
purchase of the product from this seller.
The buyer is entitled to return the goods within 5 business days after receiving the order.
The buyer has the right to check the conformity of his order at the time of delivery.

Required terms of delivery: address and contact information (tel.).

Wine storage conditions.

Protect from direct sun rays. Storage temperature: +10°C +16°C.
For complaints and suggestions, you can call the following phone number: 374 93 70 20 80,
374 98 00 23 65 or email us: sales@gevorkianwinery.com