This elegant single- variety wine is produced from “Kakhet” (hanging) customary grape variety cultivated in the Ararat valley terroirs. It is produced in accordance with saignée (bleeding) technology applied for exquisite rose wine production – the wort is extracted immediately after the grapes release the juice beneath the weight with no application of any pressure.  The color of the wine produced with saignée technology is brighter and deeper and its taste is more intense and thicker than in any other rose wine. The dazzling aroma of the wine reflects alluring flavoring of barberry, strawberry, the refreshing taste of avocado melon, ripe watermelon and mellow peach with gentle shades of mint and newly mowed grass. Its fruit flavor is diluted with marine minerals and its exquisite acidity reveals the solid character of this seemingly frivolous wine.

Alc. volume: 12%
Bottle size: 750ml
Fermentation temperature: 17ºC
Serving temperature: 10ºC

Gastronomic recommendations:GAROUN ROSE is absolutely irreplaceable in summer sultry evenings and is a perfect addition to cream cheese and light salads. The recommended serving temperature is 8 – 12°C.

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