The most refined wine in the Gevorkian Ariats collection is produced from the indigenous Areni variety cultivated in the Aghavnadzor (dove valley) vineyards of the Vayots Dzor region, situated near the cave where the world’s most ancient vineyard dating back to 6000 years has been discovered. It is produced in accordance with saignée (bleeding) technology applied for exquisite rose wine production – the wort is extracted immediately after the grapes release the juice beneath the weight with no application of any pressure. The color of the wine produced with saignée technology is brighter and deeper and its taste is thicker and more intense than in any other rose wine. This wine has an elegant pink color, a fresh aroma of field flowers, exquisite taste of strawberries, red currant, sour flavor of barberry intensified with raspberry shades and a long-lasting raspberry aftertaste blended with a cream flavor. The first sip rushes the feeling of fresh cold air of Alpine mountain meadows.

Alc. volume: 12,5%
Bottle size: 750ml
Fermentation temperature: 13ºC
Serving temperature: 12ºC

Gastronomic recommendations: The wine is absolutely irreplaceable during the summer heat and quite exquisite on its own. However, it also perfectly matches cream cheese, goat cheese, fresh vegetable salads and pasta seasoned with lemon juice.

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